Pain, Bleeds, and Now Uveitis

You can get IVIG more than once per month. A lot of people do it every two weeks, or every three. My suspicion is that I should be one of those people. My symptoms seem to come back about a week before my next treatment, and this month they returned with a vengeance.

It started neurological, then went to GI, while still leaving me wobbly. I got a really severe headache, but it went away, leaving me with just a dull headache. Then yesterday the headache came back, making me black out and fall. I was already planning on going in because of the persistent headache, and droopy eye, but falling meant I knew to call 911 rather than wait for a ride.

Thankfully we ruled out anything with my brain or the vessels in it, but everyone agreed my eyes didn’t look right. My pupils were super dilated, and while they could constrict to light, it wasn’t to the amount you would expect, and they bounced back to way too dilated right afterwards. An emergent appointment was scheduled for this morning.

My new eye doctor was great. The team was worried to dilate me more because I was already so dilated, but in the end we did it. After lots of testing, it was confirmed that I did have uveitis, but gratefully it was posterior, not anterior. The bummer is that I’ve had it before, and so this likely means I’m kind of at risk. The amazing thing is that we caught it early this time, so I’ll do steroid drops (without the dilation drops) for one week, and be rechecked. IF things look good, then I’m all settled!

I’m keeping this short because my vision isn’t the best, but I wanted to update, and remind anyone with Behcet’s, or other diseases that could impact their vision, to get regular eye exams!

Pain, Bleeds, and Now Uveitis

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