Injecting Humira When You’re Sick

So I have an interesting dilemma because I have a weird body quirk. I don’t get fevers. Seriously. I’ve only had a handful over the last ten years, once when I had the flu, and then one random one when I first started humira. My body temperature hangs around 97.3 though, so “normal” for me, is low. If I’m at 98.6 that’s like most people being at 99.6(ish). The highest fever I’ve had in the last few years is just over 100, but again, that’s not a great reading given my usual temperature. The odd part, is sometimes, when I’m really sick, my temperature will drop. The other day I felt horrid, and my temperature was 96.3…accurately.

In any event, the general rule of thumb per my doctors has been not to inject Humira if I’ve got a fever. I never get fevers though. After two confirmed kidney infections, without fever, the rules changed. I was told not to inject if I was sick. That, my friends, is a huge game changer.

See, who defines “sick”? Obviously if I have a UTI, I’m aware of the symptoms, but other illness warnings signs aren’t so concrete. I know I have bronchitis, my inability to exchange air tells me that, but my huge swollen lymph nodes? The could be from the bug, or they could be due to the sores that have begun to crop up in the back of my throat. Of course those sores could be irritation from coughing, not Behcet’s lesions.

Tricky right?

I was supposed to inject Tuesday, but I’ve been wanting to go back to a Sunday injection day anyhow, so I waited. Last night (Saturday I know but close enough) I finally sucked it up and injected. By that point my glands were so swollen I was struggling to swallow my other medications. Every time I swallow I swear my eardrum is going to rupture. Yeah, I’m on inhaled steroids (I stopped the oral ones) but I’m not taking the antibiotics because I’m convinced it’s viral.

Only now I’ve injected…impairing my immune system…and immune system that is already bogged down with this bronchitis.

My doctor is somewhat afraid of me, and prefers me to be on antibiotics if I’m going to inject while I’m not feeling well. I get his point, but I also have a problem tolerating antibiotics. My allergy list is a mile long, and while I’m not allergic to Azithromycin, I do have a history of sinus tachycardia. I’m terrified it’ll do something nasty to my heart, on top of the other antibiotic symptoms I always get. (Nausea, diarrhea, all that fun stuff.) I get that my allergy list is giant, but I tolerate IM injections of antibiotics well, so I wish we could just bypass the oral route with me and go straight to a few Rocephin injections.

It isn’t a paranoia thing, either. I know the risk is relatively small, however the more drugs you’re on, the higher your risk of interactions becomes, and I’m on a LOT of drugs. Hell, a few of the meds I am on I have to remember not to take too close together, for cardiac reasons.

So yeah, I injected last night, because I’m starting to flare, and I’m at the point where I’m not sure if I’m sick, flaring, or both, though the last option seems most likely.

I wish someone would just cuddle me and rub my back 😦

Shit, I’m actually needy sick…this is rare…

Injecting Humira When You’re Sick

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