Turns Out My Lungs Suck at Lung-ing

So I saw my primary care doctor today because, after months of pain in my one lung, and years of to really breathing well, I realized I needed some help. Plus I’ve been using what should be a rescue inhaler 2-3 times a week, if not more often…and apparently that’s bad. My primary care doc is a DO, who likes to do adjustments, so after feeling around on my back and listening to my lungs he determines a couple things. First, my ribs aren’t aligned. (Not a shocker, I have some major back damage from rowing, so nothing from mid back down lines up properly, and the disc I really injured is supposed to be anchored to my ribcage.) The second thing was that I really don’t have the best lungs in terms of inhalation.

Essentially what happens is, when I go to take a deep breath, for whatever reason, my breathing is constricted. I can push past this constriction and force more air into my lungs, but it takes work. Naturally I’m a relatively shallow breather, and even trying to take a deep breath is more work than it should be. Then I go flat onto the table and begin to hack up a lung, because me being flat on my back is not good for any part of my body!

After the adjustment, the doctor listened to my lungs again, and both he and his medical student came to the same conclusion, I’m still constricted. It wasn’t that I had fluid, or bronchitis, or wheezing, I just didn’t get air in and out as efficiently as the average person. That’s when he brought Behcet’s into the conversation.

The thought process is that my Behcet’s makes my inflammatory responses more sensitive, and because asthma is an inflammatory disorder, I am having symptoms of asthma without necessarily having asthma in the conventional sense. I could eventually see a lung specialist, and get diagnosed with asthma, but I could also spend the time doing that and not get diagnosed, and still have the same symptoms to contend with. Plus my symptoms do seem to get a bit better with the Humira, and aggravated the further I am from dosing. I feel crappy, and I inject on Thursday.

For now I have a new inhaler with two different steroids in it. I use it in the morning and at night, two puffs each time, and go back in a week to see how it helps. He also wants me to try and create a cleaner space in my room in terms of dust and dander, but without a HEPA air filtration system that’ll be hard. Since those aren’t cheap, I may have to wait on that.

Tomorrow I find out about my EEG results from neurology. I feel like it’ll be normal, it always is, but at least I’m trying to be proactive and find a reason for these seizures. The weight loss continues, but I’m trying hard to eat more and stay on top of foods that re nutrient dense and not nauseating. Stress isn’t helping, but at the end of the day all I can do is tweak what I can control.

Today? Hacking up a lung because my lungs are more open then they’ve probably been in a long time!

Turns Out My Lungs Suck at Lung-ing

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